1.   Neutral Pop
2.  Macchi Toto
3.  Yeojin
4.  Lumiere
5.  Assum 

2015 Idol project showcase 3 in HUFS 한국외대
2015.12.10.목.pm 5:00~6:30 브릭스홀 1층




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The core of business is “Palm-Angle.”The “Palm Angle” implies the mobile-based business. Transforming from “Desktop era” to “Mobile device age” entails a huge impact on the global-market economy.First of all, the “Palm Angle” is the broadcasting system that provides the 24 hours live-audition via mobile phones across the country.Personally, I believe that it is of abandoning the social responsibility of an ethical corporation to generate profits by breaching the private section of consumers that relies on the SNS structure such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, or Kakaotok.On the other hand, “Palm Angle” is thought of as the mobile-music or –advertisement business platform initially targeting at YouTube sponsored by Google, not individual consumer level. Additionally, with the help of LTE technology, consumers are able to tune in live “Palm Angle” 24 hours.

It has been reported in South Korea that due to the effect of music auditions there are more than 2 million people eager to be a singer and more music academies are established.24 hours a day is definitely not enough for them to chase a dream. There is no mobile-software to satisfy their desire. The trend calls for a new groundbreaking application.“Palm Angle” will be globally operated with many different enterprises by means of 24 hours in live audition stage and server.Advertising is the core in generating profits within the mobile-business structure. Such global mobile music and advertisement platform will be well formed on the strength of the K-Culture trend.

Expected effect and advantage

 comparative advantage

1.Since Palm Angle will be installed in the device using both wire- and wireless-internet, potential users can subscribe in all countries of the world as well as they can apply for an audition. (Global Business)

2.A business can set the 24 hours in live music-audition broadcasting that is specific to its own country culture. Additionally, all broadcastings can be linked to “Palm Angle”

Expected effect

1.    With the flow of the passion for music, there is every likelihood that PalmAngle will be the global mobile contents.

2.    Due to the high volume of concurrent connecters and viewers, PalmAngle can be the pioneer in the field of mobile music and advertisement platform (New Growth Power).

The rise and fall of SNS business highly relies on the profit structure. “Palm Angle” has the comparative advantage as well as the high ability to dominate the market with securing a significant number of consumers. Furthermore, “Palm Angle” has the very sound profit structure.

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